...and lo i am with you always, even until the ends of the earth. Matthew 28:20

Ghetto Princess, FGM and Jack Sparrow

Ghetto Princess, FGM and Jack Sparrow


FGM and AA

Monday, September 10, 2007


Brooke's dad died this week. Jack was such a loving father. I remember the first time we ever met him, it was at the Gin in Oxford. He encouraged us to dance on the table. He loved the "Ole Miss Girls". He loved Brooke, and I know her children were the light of his life. He died unexpectedly and with style--as Jack would have wanted.

We are flying into Orlando this weekend to be with Brooke. Although sad, it will be a celebration as Jack would have wanted. He was an "event planner" and knew how to have a party. Brooke's wedding reception was something you would see in Hollywood. Jack always helped us out. He always found us a place to stay, always invited us to neat happenings. He was a friend to all a father to many. Please pray for Brooke, her family and family friends as they grieve the loss of Jack. Please pray for Christ to find the hearts that don't know him.

In His name, amy

Thursday, September 6, 2007

angels don't cry...people do

please pray for healing for:

baby gregory who had open heart surgery at Leboneur. he is healing.

Jack Houston, my friend Brooke's dad, who is being kept alive on a ventilator and suffers from an infection in his brain.

a friend of my mom's who has spinal fluid leaking out of her brain in Philadelphia.

please pray for parents of children with disabilities

please pray for the broken hearted. may they all be healed

pray for comfort and peace for those who don't understand God's plan

pray for marriages that are hurting